5 Pricey Things That You Can Do For Free in Dublin, Ireland

dublin ireland

Not because Dublin is one of the most expensive destinations in Europe doesn’t mean it can stop you from exploring the beautiful city. Aside from being known for the friendliness of its people, Dublin is also famous for providing free recreational activities that will make the most out of your budget-friendly getaway. From live music in bars and pubs to street arts and famous statues, there is no doubt that the best stuff to see and do in Dublin are absolutely free. 

If you are planning to explore the city, you don’t have to bring some huge cash to have fun. Of course, you’ll be paying for food, short-term apartment rentals, commutation, and all. But despite the huge expenses that try to knock off your bank, there are still pretty simple ways on how to smartly manage your pocket cash. At the end of the day, those who travel either with huge or less budget will both probably hope to find some great deals so they can save from going on a trip. Thus, take advantage of the free activities below instead.  

Enjoy free live music performances.

Music enthusiasts don’t have to pay for pricey tickets to see some live music performances because there’s one place in the city that is famed for several pubs that offer live music entertainment for guests. The place is called Whelan’s, located at Wexford Street. Join the fun and witness numerous party-goers enjoying live DJ sets and acoustic sessions by local artists. Just make sure to pay attention at midnight hour to avail free entry. Midnight crashing won’t be trouble because there are several great hotel deals nearby. But if late-night parties aren’t your thing, you can still be entertained while taking your brunch at a restaurant around the Temple Bar or by simply doing your window-shopping because the city is rich in street performers of traditional Irish music and dance.  

Take advantage of free walking tours.

Another way of making the most out of your travel without hurting your bank is by traveling on foot. When going on a Dublin tour, you have two options whether to take a self-guided tour or take advantage of free walking tour guides. The International Tourist Centers will most likely give away some local maps to foreign visitors as a guide for strolling around the city. But if you’re not comfortable walking on your own, know that some walking tours are providing free services that usually last for three hours, taking you to the breathtaking sites in the city including The Temple Bar, Trinity College, Grafton Street, and more. It’s also great if you can find some affordable serviced apartments close to these areas so you won’t have to spend on fares and enjoy walking around instead. 

Experience a journey along the Grand Canal.

This activity will let you savour a slice of local life while travelling down the city’s grand canal. First off, you pass by the charming, leafy surroundings of Portobello Road and then move towards the busy restaurants and other establishments including the Grand Canal hotel accommodation at the quay.

Drop by the Science Gallery. 

The Science Gallery in the city provides a venue for exhibitions that change every day. Aside from various exhibits, the gallery also offers workshops, talks, and other activities for free. 

Visit free national museums

One of the many precious highlights that Dublin boasts for is its richness in historical structures, making it a great heritage of history and literature. Good news, there are plenty of free museums (including the National Museum of Ireland) that you can visit in the city. Apart from museums, another historical structure that you can go to see for free is the Dublin Castle situated on Palace Street near Dame.   

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