Do Not Go to These Places If You Have Asthma

asthma triggers

If you are having asthma, there are certain preventive measures that you will need to undertake. Unless you do them, you will be facing real traumas and triggers that will be the core reason for your ailment. Among the few things you must not do or quit, if you were doing them already, there is smoking, drinking, fatty food acceptance and others. But there are certain places too, which are very much responsible for your asthma triggers. Some of them can even claim your life if you are not careful. Hence make a note of those places and also make a note of the life-taking activities, so that you won’t face them any time in your life. 

Houses with pets 

The first thing that you must be careful about is a house where there are pets. If there are pets, it is essential that the house is having pet hairs scattered all around. This is highly allergic and almost 90% of the asthma patients face allergic attacks from those. Hence if you go there, you are welcoming your asthma triggers. Hence it is an intelligent act that you avoid going there. 

Mountain areas where you need to trek 

Mountains are great places to travel around and also wonderful locations with health resorts. However, the problem that the asthma patients do face is the altitude difference, where the air pressure fluctuates from one place with others. As a result of that, you often face a trigger of your asthma. However, you cannot say that since you are having asthma, you are restricted to go to the hills. You can surely go there with your medicines and of course with the Cipla Asthalin Respules.   The thing that you will have to avoid surely is any trekking to the hills. 

Trekking is such an activity where you are riding the hill with the steep edge as that is the shortest route to reach the top. Thus the pressure difference that you would be normally facing in the hills is much more here and that is going to give you such a trigger that can take away your life too. Hence beware of trekking or mountaineering by all means. 

Sea beaches with the intentions of Scooby diving 

Sea beaches are lovely to be travelled on the weekends. You can easily go there and have the beach paths or the sunbaths at ease, but do not go for any sort of diving, while you reached there. Scooby diving, for example, is something that will take you deep down to the bottom of the sea and let you watch the marine life and the ridges under there. Till that time you will be enjoying the dive, but when comes the question to rise up to the land, the atmospheric pressure rise will be just choking down your bronchus as if it is going to kill you. Here also you can lose your life, for just an interest. So, stay away from any sort of diving, not in the seas and not also in the lakes. 

Places where the prime visiting spot is a mine

Mines are again the area wherein one sense, a huge fall of atmospheric pressure is sensed and on the second hand, you will face an excessive low oxygen content there and that is going to give you some extraordinary pressure on your bronchus, lungs and heart, resulting a severe trigger, which can even be the core reason for your hospitalization. So, keep things away and make yourself safe and secured. 

Mountain tops from where you will be doing paragliding

Paragliding from the hilltops or from many places is something again that is related to altitude and .that is again going to make a serious trigger. Take into account that whenever there is any sudden change of altitude, you are going to face a serious trigger and that is also going to give you a really big thrust. Hence, keep all the things away when you are travelling, otherwise instead of getting joy and fun from the trip, you will be facing calamities and that will spoil everything. 

Mountain to the mountain ropeway 

The last thing that you need to be careful about is related to climbing with the ropeway. It is not that wherever there is a ropeway service, you are having some fear at it, but that is only applicable while you are riding the altitude. When you are going through the ropeway over some parks, over some lakes and other flat surfaces, there is nothing that you will have to think about, but when that is a high peak riding through ropeway, you are beating the height and hence can be utterly dangerous for you. So, be very much caring about that.  If you want to get more information about asthma? Then Click here.

The major thing that you got from the entire thing stated here is that the altitude factor is the prime issue that comes in between you and your asthma triggers. Hence, be very much careful about all those. Even if you are not having asthma, be careful about the people who are travelling with you, as they might face such issues too. So, whenever, you are making any arrangements that are similar to those, be very much careful and always ask your team whether anyone of them is having asthma or not. If anyone has that, dropping him/her from the activity is the most intellectual activity. 

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