Top 6 Tips for the Students to Deal with Peer Pressure and Stress

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When students go to the education at college and university, a lot of them have to face questions that are concerned with the things such as how to beat peer pressure or how to deal with exam-related stress. Moreover, one of the most frequent problems related to the college or university education is how demanding the academic life can become for students. Each day, the different kinds of difficulties and stresses are presented to the students by their teachers. But, if students follow some tips, they can manage and cope with the exam stress and peer pressure. Here, we explain the top six tips for the students. 

  1. Plan the timetable

There are a lot of students who don’t plan or create a schedule or timetable. Some of the students put their academic work and time for studies aside and consider these as the least important things. As they postpone their work to the final moment, it produces a stack of avoidable pressure. However, rather than delaying the work, students should complete their academic work as soon as possible to reduce the pressure. If they feel it hard to do their work on the time then they should at least do some of the work initially and then try to do the remaining work later. Generally, if students allocate only an hour or two once in a complete day to manage the academic homework related to college or university, they will definitely be able to avoid the stress and anxiety.

  1. Try to avoid cramming

At some point in time, every college and university student crams for exams and tests. But, students should try and trim down cramming as much as they can do by simply keeping pace with the homework or assignments given by the college or university. The experts at Essay Writer state that if students don’t have time to study the complete topic then they should simply skip the unnecessary things from the topic and study only the main sections or headings. By doing this, students would at least have some sort of familiarity with what the topic is all about. So, students must avoid cramming and they can do it by studying regularly. If students reduce the cramming, it will certainly remove a lot of load from them.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Sometimes when students study and listen to the lectures or presentation by their teachers, they may come upon a section of the topic which they simply can’t understand properly. In fact, they clearly know that something from this topic is certainly going to come in the exams or tests. A lot of college and university students are merely frightened to inquire about a specific problem or question when they are not clear about it. So, students must try to clarify the question as soon as possible so that they don’t have to face the problem later. 

  1. Do physical exercises to maintain health

The students can reduce a lot of peer pressure and academic stress by doing the physical activities and exercises. So, if students pursue regular physical activities or exercises, they will certainly be able to reduce a lot of strain and anxiety from them. In brief, students will experience less stress and pressure related to their academic studies or activities if they adopt a consistent timetable for physical activities and exercises such as jogging, playing football or other activities like that. In addition, students can simply keep themselves fit and healthy by just walking to their campus from their home. If students keep their body in shape, they will be able to perform well and feel fresh to pursue academic activities with more strength and vigor.

  1. Try to manage the peer pressure

The peer pressure is such a kind of stress that every student has to face in college and university. Generally, in peer pressure, students have to deal with their friends who ask them to take part with them for various activities and perform the things they don’t actually consider at ease while pursuing. In brief, the best means for the students to manage the peer pressure is to learn or discover about themselves by finding their own unseen pool of confidence and self-assurance. The solution to peer pressure is to take a firm stance for their values because they are significant to them. Here, students should consider that why should other’s thinking be more significant than their own. For instance, if a student spends time with his friends who drink alcohol, but he doesn’t like drinking, then he should not be worried about how his friends feel about it. Here, the students should think that their beliefs and values should not be a matter of concern to them at all.

  1. Study in small intervals of time

A number of college and university students have a huge problem with studying for long hours. Some students go through these problems but if they try and attempt to study in small chunks of time instead for long hours, they may be able to find the solution to this problem. Students should try to study in short intervals of time such as 15 or 30 minutes and then take a 10 to 15 minutes break. During that break, students can go to walk, take a quick nap or eat something and then return to the studies. When students follow this activity of studying in short intervals, they will be able to save and accumulate a lot of free time that they can use to hang out with their buddies or pursue their favorite activities. So, students should try to study for a short interval of time and reward themselves for their achievement for studying in the allotted time as this would be a great inspiration.

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