Importance of web design

The design of a website is important to be good. Appearance is important everywhere. Websites are no exception. The first impression always has a great impact on people. The colors, the layout are all very important.

Poorly designed websites are less likely to be re-visited by people, even if the content is valuable.
That is why it is important to execute web design properly.

The importance of colors

Colors produce different effects on people.


Black-cold, elegance

You should always keep in mind the theme of the website and the purpose we want to achieve with it.
Avoid overly vibrant colors on food or nutrition website. For a news site, however, the use of vibrant, eye-catching colors may be a perfect choice. Red always provokes a concentration of people and stir their feelings. Just like on this website.-

We can use strongly opposite colors contrasts but pay attention to balance.

The pastel colors go well with family themes. But these colors also fit well with a craft or fashion website.

Pay attention not only to the basic colors of the website but also to the font colors used on the website. Choosing the wrong font color to a background color also greatly reduces the overall effect. Pay attention to every little detail to get a good overall effect.

The website layout also matters a lot. Make sure all important details are easily accessible. The whole website should be easy to navigate. For a news site, it is important that all categories and articles are accessible and located. If we do not do this, but our content is good, the bounce rate may still be high. Therefore, it is very important that we pay attention to this as well.

But when it comes to a webshop, it has to be arranged in a completely different way. Of course, here too, it is important that every product is easily found by the customer searching on the website, but this is a completely different category. It is necessary to develop such a website differently than a news portal.

All in all, take great care of every little detail on the website. Because we can greatly improve the quality of our website by doing so. Consider what visitors to the website would like to see. What would be the best first impression.

Written by Rilla

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