What are the Different Types of Car Seats Available for Kids?


As the name suggests, these are the car seats specially made for children and infants. Child safety seats are designed to ensure protection and safety to your child from possible car injuries. They come with a restraining system which helps in absorbing the impact of the car crash to a large extent. This helps in protecting your child from injuries and danger in case of a collision. They come with several other features which not only provide safety but also comfort to your child when traveling in the car.

It is one of that safety equipment that every family should install in their car. In fact, a lot of states even have laws and regulations which requires your child to be appropriately restrained in the car seat, at least until they are seven years old. Not having proper restraining system can lead to several severe injuries to the child, and that is why it is essential to have these car seats.

Given below are a few types of car seats that you can choose from:

Infant-only car seats

These seats should always face the back of the car, and they have a weight limit in the range of 22 to 35 pounds. It is ideally used when you bring your child home for the first time from the hospital. It provides maximum protection. Newborn babies are highly vulnerable and extremely fragile and require a high level of protection. This seat can be used until they are two years old, and after that, they will need a bigger seat. Some babies grow faster than others, so if your baby has reached the height or weight limit, it is time you switch to another type of car seat which is designed for older babies.

It can also double as a carrier but never place them in the grocery seat as it can damage the car seat. They come in multiple bases, so you can buy the bottom that fits the dimension of your car. As already mentioned, these seats are rear-facing, so never try and turn them so that they can face forward. They are designed in such a way that their rear-facing position will ensure more safety. Please note that in case of premature infants, you might have to use a car bed before you start using infant car seats.

Convertible car seat

They can be used until the time your child does not outgrow the height of the seat. This means that the return on investment is more as you can use it for a longer time when compared to other types of seats. The name “convertible” gives a clear idea that it can be used in both positions, that is, rear-facing and forward-facing. It usually depends on the weight of the child, but you can use it in rear view until they are three years old. After that, you can put them in a forward-facing position. The only drawback of convertible seats is that they are not portable, so you cannot use them as an infant carrier.

They do not have multiple bases, which make it rigid, and you cannot move it from one car to another. The bulk look of convertible seats might promote a feeling of safety, but parents cannot use it for smaller infants.

Booster seat

Once your child has outgrown the size of a convertible seat, you can look forward to a belt-positioning booster seat. They do not serve the purpose of protection or have any restraints that will hold the child in place. These seats will only raise the position of your child so that the car’s seat belt can fit them perfectly. It is the best option for kids who are in preschool, and it can be used until the time your child does not need a car seat anymore. Either you can use the safety harness or belt that comes with this seat or use your car’s seat belt. It varies from child to child as it depends on their height.

Super heros car seats have been quite in the trend. This is because not only are they comfortable, but also feature super cool designs. No matter how great or comfortable you might think of a car seat, nothing beats the one that has superhero designs on it.

3-in-1 seats

These are quite similar to convertible car seats, except the fact that they work as boosters seats as well. The benefit of buying this seat is that you will have to buy only one seat as it can convert its position from rear-facing to forward-facing to even a booster seat, till the time your child is old enough to use the seatbelt.

Before buying a car seat, make sure you try it out with your child and check if it is comfortable.

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